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Protection of an environment is actual for today. Turns of the industry and the nature every year increase more and more falls into decay.

Poaching on the rivers and in coastal waters destroys thousand kinds of a fish. Valuable breeds of sturgeons, salmons, trouts are destroyed simply for the sake of an instant profit, thus waste of this activity break an epidemiological situation in areas of catching - thousand tons of a fish remains to decay on coast, distributing harmful products of rotting and microbes.

The situation with cutting down of woods costs even more sharply, for today the most valuable breeds of a tree are what are planted a floor centuries ago. Thus, for the future generations, centenary relic woods which except for the material assets, form microclimate of the whole regions are almost irrevocably destroyed and protect our country from growth of deserts and steppes.

Plums of waste in the rivers, development of natural resources, toxic exhausts of factories and factories, all it affects on health of people, populations of representatives of flora and fauna.

Problems of ecology should rise not only active workers of ecological societies, development by the state of programs on protection and restoration of an environment is necessary.

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